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TradeTrakker Software Program

Looking for an easy to use software program for keeping track of all of your stock trades?

TradeTrakker might be what you are looking for.

TradeTrakker is a portfolio management software program that I've been using for years to keep track of all my stock trades. It's inexpensive and it has many powerful features to manage your trades.

Here is a screenshot:

tradetrakker screenshot

(Ok, I never said it would be a good screenshot!)

Here are just some of the features that this program offers:

  • Set alerts based on stock price or trade volume.
  • Track your stock or mutual fund positions in multiple portfolios.
  • Stocks can be tracked from most major world stock exchanges.
  • Optional ticker display can be configured with any stocks or indexes.
  • Portfolios and stock/fund positions may be edited at any time
  • Wizard option included to simplify data input.
  • All data can be exported into Microsoft Excel.
  • Print summaries and detailed reports.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface with detailed onboard help file.

How does TradeTrakker work?

Well, when you first download TradeTrakker you will go through the "Stock Wizard" that will prompt you to enter in all of the relevant information. That works fine but I like to enter in my information manually. To do this go to File > New and name a new data file (I named mine Craig). Then, start creating your first portfolio. Go to Portfolio > New to do that.

I name my portfolio's by year. So, I have portfolio's named 'Trades - 2010', 'Trades - 2011', etc. You could also group your trades by month or by quarter. Whatever works for you.

The next thing that you are going to want to do is customize your portfolio. Click on this button to do that:

customize portfolio

One neat feature of TradeTrakker is the ability to organize your trades into different categories. You do this when you enter in a new stock trade and it is located under the Group tab:

tradetrakker new stock trade

I group mine into three categories:

  1. swing trades
  2. trend trades
  3. day trades

This makes it easy to see which trading style you are making the most money with (I discovered I had to limit my day trading!).

Another awesome feature (on the same screen) is the comments tab:

tradetrakker comments

You can list reasons for your entry, market conditions at the time of the trade, etc.

What does this mean?

It means that this software program actually doubles as a trading journal! You can review your notes for all the trades that you make and see which types of setups are working, and which are not working. This is why a journal is so important.

There are many other features that would take forever to list. They also send you updates to the program with new features for free!

Managing your money is the most important part of trading stocks. This software does a great job of running the business aspect of trading stocks. Now with the ability to add comments, you can also use this as your own personal trading journal.

Download a free 30 day trial version of TradeTrakker here and take it for a test drive!


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