Technical Analysis Video Tutorials

Do you know what is more difficult than trading stocks?

Trying to explain how to do it! So, on this page I have created a few video tutorials on swing trading and technical analysis.

Some of these videos are several years old so the quality isn't that great. But the content is still very relevant.


Trading With the 10 Period Moving Average

The 10 period moving average is pure gold for swing traders. Learn how this moving average can dramatically improve your trading.

Market Timing on the S&P 500

This video shows how to use the 20 period moving average to stay on the right side of the trend.

How to Find Support and Resistance

This video shows how to find support and resistance on a stock chart by looking at the previous highs and lows, trend lines, congestion, and "pretty" numbers.

How to Short Stocks

This video shows how to short stocks in the Traders Action Zone.

How to Use Fibonacci Retracements

This Fibonacci video shows Fibonacci retracements in your trading and how to tell if a stock is strong or weak.

Entries, Exits, and Trailing Stops

This video shows the basics on entries and exits for swing traders. Also, it shows how to trail your stop loss orders once a trade goes in your favor.

The 200 Period Moving Average on Hourly Charts

This video shows the significance of the 200 period moving average on intraday charts.

Beginners: Learn the Basics

Intermediate: Trading Strategy

Advanced: Swing Trading Tactics