Learn This Little Known Swing Trading Trick

Here is a little swing trading trick that many traders do not know about. When you run your scans, look for pullbacks into wide range candles. Then follow the examples below.

This swing trading trick will improve your swing trading results. Here it is:

Stocks often find support when they fall within the range of a previous wide range candle.

Here are some examples:

pullback into wide range candle pullback into wide range candle pullback into wide range candle

Why does this work?

It works because those traders that missed the big move (wide range candle), now have a second chance to get in. It sounds simple, but you would be surprised how often this simple little trading trick works.

So, when you run your pull back scan, look to the left to see if the pull back has fallen within the range of a wide range candle. Then look for a candlestick pattern and check the lower time frames for an entry.

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