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Jan 26, 2018

The One Chart Pattern That You Must Trade

There is one chart pattern that you will want to trade when you find it. It's called a "first pullback". This article explains what it is and how to trade it.

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Jan 04, 2018

How to Time Your Trades to the Market

In this article you will learn how to use moving averages and a technical indicator to time your trades to the market.

market timing using moving averages


Dec 13, 2017

How to Judge Trend Quality by Analyzing Volume and Swing Points

Here is a really neat way to judge the quality of a trend by analyzing two consecutive swing points.

swing points chart

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Dec 06, 2017

Download a Summary of my Website (PDF)

I've received a lot of emails over the years of people asking me if I have an eBook version of my website. I don't. But I do have a checklist of my swing trading methods that you can download.

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Dec 03, 2017

Trading With the 10 Period Moving Average (Video)

Here is a video on how to use the 10 period moving average to your advantage.

Dec 02, 2017

3 Stocks I'm Watching Next Week

This was a stock I posted on Twitter a while back because it had a nice hammer candlestick pattern. Now it has two.

stock chart

This stock has a really nice pennant chart pattern. Here are some more chart patterns I look for.

stock chart

This stock has pulled back to support inside of a previous wide range candle. Look for a reversal here soon.

swing point high

Have a good week!

Nov 28, 2017

Learn How This One Simple Chart Pattern Can Dramatically Improve Your Trading

It's so simple.

So simple that you'll kick yourself for not realizing this sooner.

Every turning point consists of a swing point low (bottom) or swing point high (top). It looks like this on a stock chart.

swing point low

and this

swing point high

So for a swing point low you need a low, followed by a lower low, then a higher low (this is key). A swing point high is a high, higher high, then a lower high (this is key).

Keep in mind that not all swing points will lead to reversals.

But you can't have a reversal without one.

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