Introduction: Learn the Art of Swing Trading

New to trading stocks?

This website was created specifically for you!

You are going to learn swing trading techniques and strategies that will put you on the path to success. Learning how to swing trade stocks can be challenging without the knowledge necessary to succeed. The majority of traders fail and lose all their money in the first year!

They fail for these reasons:

  • They do not have knowledge.
  • They do not have a plan.
  • They do not have discipline.

But this will not happen to you if you go through and read all of the information on this website. You need to have a plan and then develop the discipline to follow it. In the end, you will win where others have failed.

Get this course: The Definitive Guide to Trading Stocks. This is one of the few swing trading courses on the internet that I recommend. Read all the articles on this website and in that course and you will be light years ahead of where I was when I first started trading.

What is swing trading?

Swing trading is a style of trading stocks that attempts to capture short term moves in the stock market. A swing trader typically holds a stock for 2 to 5 days. This is a perfect time frame for those that have a job and cannot "day trade". This time frame is also unique in that you can potentially capture explosive moves in a stock in a very short period of time.

As a swing trader...

You do not care about the fundamentals of a company.

You do not care what kind of products they sell.

You do not even care what the name of the company is.

You make trading decisions based on the laws of supply and demand - nothing else.

Here are the two things that you are interested in...

  1. Is there money flowing into this stock or is there money flowing out of this stock?
  2. How can I get into this stock with the least possible risk to my trading capital?

That's it!

You have be able to answer those two questions in order to be a profitable swing trader. Ok, let's get started:

How to use this website:

This website is meant to be read in order!

how to use this website

Start with the basics and then move on to the strategy section. Then, when you are ready, read through the advanced articles. Here is a brief description of the 3 main sections on

1. Beginners: Learn the basics of swing trading

In the first section, you will learn swing trading basics. These topics cover trends, price, volume, and strength. Without a solid understanding of how and why stocks move you really do not even have a chance. Sadly, I think many traders fall into this category.

Do not skip over this section!

There are many little "nuggets" of information contained in these pages that a lot of traders are unaware of. These basic swing trading tactics create the foundation for what is to follow.

Get started learning the basics of swing trading.

2. Intermediate: Learn a simple swing trading strategy

In the second section, you will learn my swing trading strategy using charts and technical analysis. You will learn how to trade pullbacks, market timing (yes, it is possible), and how to manage your money correctly so you don't end up like the majority of new traders - bankrupt!

Learn my swing trading strategy.

3. Advanced: Learn the advanced swing trading tactics

In the third section, you will learn swing trading tips and tricks to put the icing on the cake. Read about Fibonacci retracements, see three of my favorite chart patterns, and learn how to trade multiple time frames. Plus, much more!

Get started learning advanced swing trading techniques.

Get started swing trading!

Check out some reviews of trading tools and resources that I like. Don't forget to check out the top 15 stock market books page to see a list of my favorite books.

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Together, we will pull money out of the markets year after year!


Beginners: Learn the Basics

Intermediate: Trading Strategy

Advanced: Swing Trading Tactics