Affiliate Disclosure

At the top of some of the pages on this website, you will see the term "authorized affiliate". What does that mean? This means that I have a material connection with the product on that page. I may have received a free product from them or I may get a credit for the sale generated from that page.

What you need to know...

This is what you need to know regarding the products and services that are on this website.

  1. I buy and test out all of the products first before they show up here on my website.
  2. I buy a lot of trading products during the course of a year. 90% of them never show up on my website because I don't think they are useful or I think that the cost is too high.
  3. All of the products on my website must have at least a 30 day money back guarantee. I realize that just because I like something, doesn't mean that you will like it as well!

Bottom line: I only promote products that I have personally tested from reputable companies. These are products that I believe you will benefit from.

Google ads

You may see some ads by Google on some of the pages on this website. I do not personally select these ads. They are selected by Google based on the content of the page that you are on. So, you are on your own dealing with these companies!

Thinking about buying something?

Are you thinking about buying some kind of stock market product (book, software, etc.) but you are unsure about it? Write me an email! Chances are, I have already bought the product and I can tell you if it is good or not. If I haven't, then I might buy it and test it out for you.

Thanks for supporting this website!

All of the information on this website is 100% free. It will always be that way!

I spend countless hours working on this website and replying to emails helping stock traders to improve their trading. So, if you see a product or service on my website that you think will be beneficial to you, please consider buying it through my website.

Thank you very much!


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