Written on 18-06-2008 5:20 pm by Craig


We got rid of the old forum and replaced it with a brand new, shiny, website. If you look now, you may even still see the paint drying!

This has more of a "community" feel to it with a ton of new features...

  1. Create you own page and upload charts, videos, widgets, or even start your own blog. This is similar to a MySpace page.
  2. The forum is more organized and a lot easier to use. Even embedding stock charts in your post is easier.
  3. Now you can create your own groups. If you have a website or blog, you can create a group specifically for your members.
  4. There is a Photos page where you can upload stock charts and invite other traders to comment on them.
  5. Videos! There is a section for videos where you can upload trading videos that you find around the net and comment on them

I really think that this new forum will allow all of us to better swap trading ideas and learn new things.

Hope you like it!


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Intermediate: Trading Strategy

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