Cruise Pictures

Written on 05-11-2007 8:17 am by Craig

I'm Back...Cruise Pictures

Well, we made it. What started out as one of the worst cruise vacations ended up as being one of the best. The tropical storm caused a lot of rain and made for a really bumpy ride.

But, by Wednesday, it all cleared and we had beautiful days for the rest of the week.

Here are just a few pictures of the ship:

This is me on our room balcony looking over the ocean...

craig on balcony

This is our very small room with one of the towel animals (on the hanger) that the room attendant made...

room on the ship

This is a picture of the ocean from the ship...

ocean from ship

This is a picture of the 2 pools from one of the highest points on the ship...

pools on the ship

We have a ton of pictures from St. Thomas and St. Martin also but I won't bore you with more pictures!

Back to trading...

Have a great week!

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