Professional Gap Down

by Greg Thurman
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

2-minute Sell Setup after Pro Gap down

2-minute Sell Setup after Pro Gap down

I like to trade Gapping stocks (pretty much exclusively) for the first hour of the day. If the gap is Professional, then I will see how it trades out of the gate. If it makes no attempt to fill the gap, I will look to short a 5-minute hi/low, however my favorite plays are catching the first buy/sell setup that can't retrace more than 50% into the gap fill.

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Mar 08, 2014
Scan For Gaps
by: Anonymous

Do you use any software to automatically scan for gap candidates?


Jun 23, 2008
Reply to Ra
by: Anonymous

Hi Ra,

If you would like to view larger screen shots than what is allowable on this page, please visit my Gap-Trades slide show here.

Jun 22, 2008
by: ra

hi, would it be possible to post larger images, or links to them? thanks a lot

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